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It's story time!

We know you love stories,We also do…

The story is about two friends

The story begins back in 2006, when someone, or the first, with passion to innovation and art started his early steps in the advertising industry, full with enthusiasm and hope the journey toke off, during these years of experiences and achievements, solid know-how has been accumulated and boosted with academic background.
A client, the second was to the first, a young enthusiastic business man with a promising vision, ambitious plans, and successful entities operating between KSA and Egypt.
They both enjoyed working together and believing that there is more to be

achieved together someday.

And they were more than right, NoSkip came to the world! A digital advertising agency has a unique taste and different dogma.
Today a bunch of creatives with same passion and expertise are on board, all together in one place just to enjoy innovation and creating state of the art advertisements nobody will skip.

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